Our December, 2022 Color Belt Test.


<Check Lists for Choosing a Good Martial Art School>

- For Students - 

1. Do students actually learn practical techniques from the training? 

2. Can students really protect themselves from certain violent situations by using the techniques?

3. Do students learn about Anti-Bullying and Self Defense properly?

4. Do students learn mental values such as Discipline, Manners, Concentration, Perseverance, Confidence and Respect?

5. Do students really transform to be better and stronger physically and mentally through training?

6. Are enrolled students and parents happy with the results?

7. Does a school provide Martial Arts Competitions/Championship for students who want to compete?


- For Instructors -

1. Do all instructors still train themselves daily and up-to-date with their techniques?

2. Are all instructors certified and licensed by the organizations such as WTF, Kukkiwon and IBJJF? 

3. Do all instructors love and respect their students?

4. Are all instructors certified by Students' Sports Safety?

5. Are all instructors are being role models to their students?


- For School -

1. Does the school have a waiting lounge for parents?

2. Is training area big enough for the training?

2. Does the school provide a clean and convenient environment?

3. Does the school have enough staffs to run business smoothly?

4. Does the school response to students and parents feedbacks quickly?

5. Does the school run business transparent?


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