The Highest Quality and Olympic Style Taekwondo

  • We teach Discipline, Confidence, Focus, Teamwork, Manners and Honesty.
  • We compete in local, state, national, and international competitions.
  • We are professional and all certified by Kukkiwon, the Taekwondo HQ.
  • We teach genuine martial arts and techniques only.
  • We operate our business transparently and sincerely.
  • We are the best Taekwondo School in Arizona. Check reviews at Facebook and Yelp.
  • We are parents, we love and care of your children as our own.
  • We are under a new management with all new owner and staffs since January 2017.

3,500 Square-Feet, the Biggest School in West Valley

  • Our facility is 3,500 square ft. space with lobby area for your convenience, free Wi-Fi and the lobby area provides comfortable waiting time while your children are training.
  • We play new and popular kid's movies while Adult Classes run.
  • Everyday cleaning, well sanitized environment welcomes you and your children.

Judo and Jiu-Jitsu CLASS

  • After achieving purple belts, we provide athentic JUDO and Jiu-Jitsu to our students with no extra charge.
  • Our students will become all-rounded martial artists.


  • $ 10 Walk-In.
  • NO contract is needed.
  • TKK Adult Class: Train in Taekwondo, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Monday and Friday at 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm.

TKK Scholarship Program

  • Our TaekwonKids' scholarship program financially supports our black belt students who enter colleges.

TaekwonKids provides the Best Mats in the World

  • Our Dollamur / Swain Hybrid Mats provide the best surface for both Taekwondo and Judo/BJJ training.
  • Fantastic shock absorb and skin burn prevent technologies applied to the mats.
  • Mats are manufactured and imported from France.

Testimonials (Updated 2022)

"★★★★★ Our oldest son is 7 and has been going to Taekwon Kids since January of this year. He loves going to class 2 to 3 times each week. In just a few months, we have seen him grow so much in confidence, persistence, and emotional maturity. Master Scott Sonu is wonderful with children and knows how to empower each person to do one's best. We look forward to sending all our kids to Taekwon Kids." - N.M. from Yelp Review


"★★★★★ Our son has been attending classes at Taekwon Kids for about a year now and he really enjoys it. Master Scott and the other instructors have been so welcoming and thoughtful in their approach to teaching their craft. You can tell they enjoy interacting with everyone and stress technique, quality standards and having fun. We look forward to many more years here." - A.G. from Google Review


"★★★★★ I cannot speak highly enough of this program. My boys (7 and 10) have been going here for about a year now and we could not be more impressed with the skills that they have learned, the confidence they have built, and the sense of family/community we have felt with them. Master Scott and all of the wonderful instructors have taught my two very different boys how to excel in the very different ways they were struggling. He was able to identify their strengths/weaknesses and help encourage and nurture them in the right direction with the right approach. Their customer service is impeccable. They really help these children GROW in the art and competition as well as respect and encouragement/sportsmanship." - A. F. from Google Review


"★★★★★  Master Scott and his team are top notch. We studied under him for years in California and we adored him so much that we planned our cross country trip to include two days at his new studio in Arizona - at our kids’ insistence! Scott is thoughtful, kind, an amazing instructor and has a magical way with kids. Our kids were so glad to have more time with him! He and his team are encouraging and considerate, and teach both the martial art and the philosophy of respect that goes with it." - D.C. from Google Review


"★★★★★  No Words, Just Amazing!" - L.O. from Google Review


"★★★★★  Our son has been a student of this school for a few years now. Master Scott and his team of instructors have been truly amazing. What I appreciate the most is the amount of EFFORT that is required for the students here to succeed. I have seen many people simply go from White belt to Black belts in the matter of a year simply because the school gets them in and gets them out. Taekwonkids focuses on your child and ensures they have a deep and rich understanding of the martial arts. They must pass a series of tests only after qualifying to even test for the next color belt. The instructors show patience with all ages. There is a reason why this school seems to do very well in state and national competitions. I would highly advise bringing your child to attend this school." - M.P. from Google Review


"★★★★★  If you are looking for a place that truly cares about your child and will raise them and teach them as their own, this is the place to go. Grandmaster Scott and Instructor Cage know their stuff! Money very well spent!! Highly recommend if your looking for a school that competes at a high level." - D.L. from Google Review


"★★★★★  We have had our sweet Harley Jean enjoying the instruction from Master Scott and Instructor Cage for over a year and we have been so thrilled. They take their time with each child and it has given our sweet girl such confidence. They truly make it a family affair for all of us to enjoy!" - S.H. from Google Review


"★★★★★  Master Scott provides the finest instruction for kids and families that we have encountered in any discipline since we began homeschooling a decade ago. My kids started with him in their Mountain View location and have since we traveled to Phoenix just to give our kids a chance to train with Master Scott and his staff.

Taekwon Kids teaches the whole child with an unmatched zeal, professionalism and kindness that keeps the integrated goal of a strong mind, body and spirit firmly in focus. My husband and i feel that our whole family was strengthened by our 6 year association with Taekwon Kids.

Plus, he is friendly, funny and serious. We will continue training in Mountain View and stop by to see Scott and his team every chance we get. All the stars. All the time!" - From Google Review


"★★★★★ TaekwonKids is such a fantastic school. If you have a child who has expressed interest in martial arts I couldn't more strongly recommend any place other than this to take them. From day one, Master Scott and Instructor Cage take an immense amount of time getting to know your child and tailoring the lesson to their strengths and weaknesses. There is time spent as a group and each child gets individual instruction. Teaching children anything can be difficult, but they have mastered the art of delivering technique and instilling discipline in their students. In a few short months I have seen my son's confidence grow leaps and bounds and his technique improve week by week. Highly recommend." - F.G. from Yelp Review

"★★★★★  We have been with TKK since Master Scott Sonu took over the Do-jang in Litchfield Park. We chose TaekwonKids because of the endless positive reviews on Yelp under the TaekwonKids school that Grand Master Scott lead in No. California with his brother. We are so glad we chose TKK. Grand Master Scott, Master Cage and Master William (who recently left for college) have been wonderful role models for our son these past 3 yrs. The self confidence, discipline and skills he has learned from his Masters at TKK has helped him not only in Taekwondo but in school and other sports that he participates in. TKK is Kukkiwon Certified and they often have high ranking Taekwondo martial artists fly in from Korea to teach the kids additional skills. Grand Master Scott and his team are very respectful, kind, and are Authentic Masters of Taekwondo." - G.M. from Yelp Review


"★★★★★  Amazing place! Respect, Discipline and Patience are the things that you can find at TaekwonKids Phoenix. It is a GREAT SCHOOL!!!" - C.N. from Facebook Review.


"★★★★★  Taekwonkids is more than just an incredible taekwondo school -- it is a community where your kids will learn discipline, hard work, leadership, and compassion for others.  Master Scott Sonu and his brother Master Chin Sonu have taught my son and daughter taekwondo for six years in Mountain View, CA.  My kids have grown to be strong and confident with the kind mentorship of the Taekwonkids.  We were so sad to see Scott move to Arizona, but know that we will stay in touch because Taekwonkids is more than just a school.  My kids and my family have made life long friends there." - K.M from Yelp Review


"★★★★★  I can only review Master Scott, not this studio. Master Scott recently branched off on his own after several years at a very successful taekwondo franchise in the Bay Area. Master Scott is  a gem - a practitioner who really feels passionately about taekwondo, a teacher who is a strong role model for his students, and someone who really cares about kids. My son greatly enjoyed his time with Master Scott and had a great experience learning taekwondo with him. We were blessed to have this amazing instructor work with our son, and we wish him well in his new endeavor. Here's my review of Master Scott's other dojang." - G.P.C. from Yelp


"★★★★★  This school has limitless potential. Master Scott Sonu is an amazing martial artist and a very passionate instructor. He has expanded his already successful school in California to Arizona. One of the aspects I admire most about Master Scott, is that he continues to upkeep his own martial art abilities as well as continuously developing his instructors, so they can emulate his styles and teachings.
My son has been enrolled in this school prior to Master Scott arriving in AZ, and I must say he is a breath of fresh air. Never have I been so excited for my son and the students of TaekwonKids' success. I promise you, of the choices you have in the Phoenix are for martial arts, Taekwondo in particular, this school is by far your best choice." - A.M. from Yelp


"★★★★★  I have been a student at Taekwonkids for over a year and it is a very pleasant school. It is a safe environment for all ages and I highly recommend it to everybody. Master Scott Sonu is a very passionate instructor who really cares about his students and the quality of his teaching. Every class he goes very deep into detail on everything he teaches and does not shy away on telling you what you are lacking. I have learned life long skills from this school." - B.T. from Yelp


"★★★★★  We've been coming to TaekwonKids for about 7 months. Our son was once a very quiet and shy boy who struggled to speak to anyone outside of our family. The confidence he has gained since attending TKK is absolutely astounding. Master Scott and his team are simply wonderful. They are always patient, kind, and encouraging. We highly recommend TKK!!" - J.L. from Yelp


"★★★★★  I have been taking my daughter her since Master Scott took over 2 years ago. He and his instructors genuinely do care about the kids. Yes, they want to train the students to win competitions, but that is not their only motivation. They are extremely patient with the students who need extra help". - D.M. from Yelp


"★★★★★  We have had an amazing experience at TKK! Our daughter has grown so much in confidence, strength and focus since she's started. The teachers are exceptional and Master Scott is so encouraging to the kids."  - L.O. from Facebook Review.


About Us

TaekwonKids is a Kukkiwon (Taekwondo HQ), World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), and United States of America Taekwondo (USAT) official member. We specialize in providing the Modern Taekwondo instruction. From the daily enjoyments of training and its many benefits to national and international competitions, if you’re new to Taekwondo or you want to get back into Taekwondo, Taekwonkids is the best place for you.

All ages, All beginners to the experienced are welcomed!

We are specialists of:

  1. Competition Team: International level of Poomsae and Sparring. We hold many state, national, international medalists.
  2. Demo Team: We teach trick kicks, flying kicks and choreography. We have won several Taekwondo Demo Competitions nationwide.
  3. Confidence, Discipline, Concentration, Manners, Team Work, Work ethics, etc. also will be received while physical education.
  4. Taekwondo Instructor Education: We build future masters of TKD. We are a home of hundreds of black belt holders.
  5. Grappling Class: Learning in Judo and Wrestling is our regular curriculum when students become purple belt and up.
  6. Children who need special care: We believe Taekwondo is the best treatment for those who suffer from concentration issues.
  7. Guidance of our students: we make them ready for their bright future in more realistic way and quality way with important values of our lives.
  8. We are an Anti-Bully School. We teach our students to protect themselves from violence mentally and physically.


Taekwon Kids' 1st Competition Championship in March 2019


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