Class Time


Beginner’s and Trial Classes

Our beginner’s program offers newcomers a strong foundation into the basics of the art & science of Taekwondo. More importantly than the physical aspect of this program, we focus primarily on the listening, respect, discipline, and how to be an overall better person and a future black belt. All students are in classes with kids their own age and level for the most effective and efficient training.

Intermediate Program

After completing the beginner’s program, students graduate to our intermediate program aimed at a honing in on all the different aspects of Taekwondo. Students are introduced to sparring and both demonstration and competition opportunities become available.


Advanced Program

The Advanced Program is comprised of our school’s top students. In this course, students learn & master the most advanced techniques while setting a prime example for our lower belts to follow.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

BJJ black belt professor Wesclay Sardinha teaches world’s most effective grappling martial art. You will also get cardio and fitness work out with it. Beginners and experts are all welcome, children over 9 years are all welcome. Most experienced BJJ instructors will guide you in details of this beautiful techniques. Tuesday and Thursday 8 PM.


Competition Team: TKK Competition Team


Demonstration Team: TKK Demo Team


TKK Instructor Courses Program / Presidential Award Program

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